What women are saying about Marilyn/s private coaching

"Marilyn has a gift of seeing and helping her clients unleash power and strength that has yet to be expressed."

"Her amazing and heartfelt presence is deeply communicated when you work with her. She sponsors and supports women to grow, develop and express their potential."

I highly recommend Marilyn to women who want to get in touch with and amplify the calling that lies deeply in their heart."
Women's Health and Leadership Coach

"Marilyn holds a large container of support for the wisdom of my own deeper knowing and spiritual connection to come through. This keeps me expanded and grounded, feeling whole, complete and safe in the world as I step fully into my greatest possibilities."

"It is with honor and deep love that I recommend Marilyn to many friends for support and clarity in working out their own life breakthroughs."

"She models the capacity to stay in a state of wonder and connect directly with the spiritual intelligence of life, giving us the capacity to take inspired action from a deep sense of knowing."

"Thanks once more for the beautiful time you helped me to create (by containing and leading) this morning. It is permeating all my thoughts - even my body. Wow! "

"I spent the entirety of last night in my spiritual space—it was just like a vacation. Thank you!"


"Marilyn Hager is an incredible coach, with a voice that is life-giving. Her insights bring clarity to my search for higher perspectives toward my life-long challenges."

"Marilyn leads me toward my own brilliance as I dive deeply into my vulnerabilities and emerge knowing how to live in the freedom that comes with self-love."

"Marilyn's solutions to my real-life quarries come from combining her own life experience with my Soul's guidance instead of a pre-memorized formula."

"I feel so blessed to have Marilyn as my champion cheerleader."

Smart, Conscious, Creative, Soul Journeyer:


Imagine Having the Power to Ignite Your Creativity


Imagine Fulfilling Your Purpose with Grace and Clarity
  Imagine Enjoying Your Perfect Vision of Prosperity


Every Moment of Every Day!

A 7-week Journey
Empowered by Your Soul's Infinite Wisdom

Embrace these 7 Wisdom Keys to
Fulfill Upon the Life of Your Dreams:

1. Manifest what is missing in your life: living your purpose and calling; love and happiness; a career that matches your values and generates prosperity; deepening your spiritual connection; a vital, healthy body; fun, creativity and self-expression, sustained, pure energy flow to create the life you came here to live.
Bullet 2 Create more than you can alone by magnetizing deeply rewarding relationships with others.
Bullet 3 Live a fruitful life from a solid inner foundation of self-trust. Become your personal best, directed by your own inner guidance. Receive the nurturing support of your own wise and compassionate, Mature Knowing.
Bullet 4 Produce outcomes beyond where your mind alone can take you. Harness your multi-dimensional Soul wisdom.
Bullet 5 Experience a sustained high level of energy, clarity, courage and creativity to achieve success. Embody the power of potent Soul Wisdom practices.
Bullet 6 Generate unstoppable momentum to fulfill upon your greatest visions. Weave an empowered, cooperative field between your empowered feminine knowing and masculine structural systems.
Bullet 7 Create from the center of your aligned mental, emotional and energetic field.

Wisdom from Your Soul is for you if:

You are experiencing a gnawing dissatisfaction with the direction of your life while feeling a bit lost, alone and without a clear idea of how to change things, or maybe...
You have a sense of who you are being called to become and what you are being called to bring forth, but need clarity about the details, or...
You are excited and inspired by an impulse that is surging through you with especially high intensity at this time, and...
You are confused by all that you are feeling and you don't know where to start or what to do next.

Marilyn HagerHi, I'm Marilyn Hager, International Transformative Master Coach, and I am so glad that you are here. I have been preparing for our journey together...

Wisdom from Your Soul is designed to insure that your unique life journey is powered by your Soul's wise guidance. As we travel together, you will connect with an infinite, always available awareness, far beyond where your mind can go—toward a clarity of knowing—to shift the inner confusion that has kept you stuck and dissatisfied.

You will receive potent practices for harnessing the power of your Soul's sublime inspiration. You will experience the ever-deepening, ever-expanding relationship with your Soul's wisdom guidance.

You will connect with consistent inspiration for:
Discovering your calling
A through line to prosperity
An alignment with love and happiness
Catalyzing your creativity
Sustaining a pure energy flow to create the life you came here to live.

Following the seven Wisdom Keys for Soulful Living supports you to ignite your manifestion powers. You will learn to lovingly move through your day filled with vitality and possibility.

Here's how:

Charting Your Journey to ThrivingCharting Your Course

In our exploration of Wisdom Key One: Charting Your Course to Thriving, you will:

Seed of Life bullet
Define the itinerary of your journey to the life of your dreams.
Seed of Life bullet Begin manifesting what is missing in your life, be it: true love, health, authentic self-expression or abundantly living your calling as you harness the limitless power of your deepest desires.
Seed of Life bullet
Connect with your Future Self: who you will become when we reach your destination of thriving fulfillment.
Seed of Life bullet
Embrace knowing that you are the creator of your life, standing in partnership with your Soul, at the center of all that you experience.

Preparing to Recieve Your Souls' BlessingsPreparing to Receive Your Soul's Blessings

Break Free of the Hidden Barriers to Your Soul-Connection

In our exploration of Wisdom Key Two: Preparing to Receive Your Soul's Blessings, you will:

Seed of Life bullet
Unlock your inner channel to your Soul's wisdom.
Seed of Life bullet Gracefully navigate life as you create an empowered relationship with your "annoyance triggers."
Seed of Life bullet
Create positive outcomes as you learn to step back, witness and contain conflicts, set-backs and disappointments.
Seed of Life bullet
Challenge the beliefs and assumptions that have kept you bewildered and spiraling in a discontented swirl.
Walking as Who You Came Here to Be
Walking as Who You Came Here to Be
The New Pathway to Possibilities

In our exploration of Wisdom Key Three: Walking as Who You Came Here to Be, you will:
Seed of Life bullet Embrace a sense of peace, passion and connection with yourself, others and all of life.
Seed of Life bullet Break free from the grip of negative thoughts and feelings that have been holding you back.
Seed of Life bullet Be nurtured by the support of your wise and compassionate, Mature Knowing.
Seed of Life bullet
Harness the power of your True Nature, your creative wisdom, strength, ferocity and courage as you step forward to co-create with your Soul.
Communing with Your Soul
Communing with Your Soul
Crossing the Threshold

In our exploration of Wisdom Key Four: Communing with Your Soul, you will:
Seed of Life bullet Stand in alignment with your True Nature and befriend the Guardian of the Gateway to your Soul's multi-dimensional knowing.
Seed of Life bullet Receive potent guidance through a direct conversation with the source of all being.
Seed of Life bullet Connect with the Evolutionary Impulse itself and take next steps toward your Highest Potential being fulfilled.
Seed of Life bullet
Harness an expansive awareness of possibility and confidently stride forward as you actualize your dreams.
Keeping the Gateways Open
Keeping the GatewaysOpen
In our exploration of Wisdom Key Five: Keeping the Gateways Open, you will:
Seed of Life bullet Master Quantum practices to support you to maintain a constant connection with the guidance of your Soul.
Seed of Life bullet Establish a new way of going that includes balance and self-care as you ride the incredible wave of inspiration that your Soul's guidance provides.
Seed of Life bullet Create methods for accountability and self-compassion as you incorporate all that you have experienced.
Seed of Life bullet
Develop a fluid relationship with all that you wish to embrace as the embodiment of your True Nature.
Moving through Life from Your Soul
Moving through Life from Your Soul
In our exploration of Wisdom Key Six: Moving through Life from Your Soul, you will:
Seed of Life bullet Treasure your True Value as you gracefully continue along your journey, filled with a sense of safety and direction from deep within.
Seed of Life bullet Harness self-confidence and compassion for others from a heart-centered knowing that all things are possible.
Seed of Life bullet Nurture the seeds of your potential as the Master Keeper of your Flourishing Garden of Wisdom and Truth.
Seed of Life bullet
Weave together the power of feminine wisdom with masculine structural systems o generate unstoppable momentum and fulfill upon your greatest visions.
The Alchemy of Your Essence
The Alchemy of Your Essence
In our exploration of Wisdom Key Seven: The Alchemy of Your Essence, you will:
Seed of Life bullet Passionately go forth along your evolutionary pathway following the seven Essence Keys for soulful living.
Seed of Life bullet Step forward into positive power that leads to fulfillment from a still-point visceral awareness.
Seed of Life bullet Collaborate with the truth of who you are, potentized by the wisdom of your Soul in everything you do, everywhere you go.
Seed of Life bullet Enjoy the life of your dreams as you hold a powerful center of deep and higher awareness, co-creating with others and life as you never knew was possible.

Marilyn HagerAbout Marilyn Hager

As an International Certified Transformational Coach, I am excited to support your empowerment, success and fulfillment! I specilaize in connecting you with your Soul's wisdom and hold a deep passion for igniting your possiblities. My coaching guides you to leap past your limitations, embody your life purpose, and move forward from the center of your Soul’s wisdom to fulfill upon your deepest desires.

In addition to Wisdom from the Soul, I have created Goddess of Success, an adjunct personal coaching offer powered by my background in business consulting. Through expertise gained during three decades as the principal in my design firm, I combine leading-edge marketing techniques with guidance from expansive feminine awareness to support you, an inspired woman “on fire,” to make your greatest contribution. This catalytic combination provides a pathway of grace and clarity that promises thriving success.


I regularly use Soul Wisdom Practices as a licensed body worker, combining deep emotional and spiritual work with powerful body shifts to accelerate life-altering transformation.

I am also a creative alchemist, visionary artist/graphic designer and spiritual adventure guide, leading trips to Nepal and sacred sites in the US.


As one of the first three coaches trained in 2006 by Claire Zammit, I am honored to have supported the development of the Feminine Power courses for evolutionary women. I am a Priestess of the Thirteen Moon Mystery School, having been mentored by Ariel Spilsbury, Devaa Haley Mitchell and Elayne Kalila Doughty. I also coach participants in Jean Houston's widom school courses, Arielle Ford's Art of Love and Katherine Woodward Thomas' 49 Days to Love (formerly Calling in "The One") and Happily Even After (formerly Conscious Uncoupling) relationship courses.


I look forward to traveling beside you, beyond the obstacles that have kept you from realizing your greatest potentials and into the realm of ongoing, limitless success and Soul-satisfying fulfillment that awaits you!

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